As a child, was shaped by the quiet strength of the Dakota flatlands, by stories her grandmother told her during the long, northern winters, and through her relationships with the surrounding flora & fauna.

As a young adult, Erica followed her heart's calling to the West Coast (USA) where she discovered purpose in the field of visual communication.

Currently, she works with For The Wild as a freelance graphic & web designer to help connect those who care passionately about the natural world and to be of service-to and give voice-to the plants, animals, and beings who face extinction due to the breakdown of Earth's natural biomes.

Erica writes poetry from the heart, busies her hands with folkstyle bookbinding, and finds self-care and silent refuge in her practice of tea ceremony. In her bookbinding skill shares, she urges participants to contemplate their impact on the environment, to honor those who have come before, and to choose environmentally-supportive practices. At the heart of her offerings lays an unwavering reverence for Nature paired with a fierce will to protect plants, animals, & places still wild.

Erica and her family live along the forested tidelines of the San Juan Islands in unceded Coast Salish Territory.

book arts

Erica's handcrafted journals have appeared in DesignSponge and Terrain: Proudly Made SeriesShe's a featured maker on Etsy (Short Stories & Featured Shopand author of internationally published Bound: Over 20 Artful Handmade Books with it's sequel Bound by Hand: Over 20 Beautifully Handcrafted Journals to be released in October 2018She believes the practice of journaling is a potent method for grounding and navigating transformative life experiences. She sells handcrafted journals, under the name LoomBound, and offers bookbinding workshops & skillshares. Her signature piece, Book of the Sea, was featured in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Paper Project.

the way of tea

After the birth of her first child in 2007, Erica begin her tea practice as a way to connect more deeply with the mundane. Currently, she offers Tea Sittings for gatherings, weddings, life transitions, and retreats. She is studying Unohana (Chabako tea) and Usucha (ladle tea) temae. Her mentors include Hilary 'Sati' Walker (Forest Tea lineage/Ryakubon ceremony) and artist Kandis Susol (Urusenke lineage/Traditional Usucha ceremony), as well as inspiration from the generous chajin of Global Tea Hut community & beyond (Daoist Chinese tradition.) 

graphic + web design

Erica has a B.A. in Graphic Design and has been an independent designer for small businesses and non-profit organizations since 2004. She designs print materials, websites, & offers design consultation. She currently works as Art Director for the non-profit For The Wild. Here is a selection of her collages and portfolio and customized websites she's designed for clients can be seen here >>> For The Wild, Soul Flour Bakery, Djuna Mascall, Sisters of the Tide.


In 2016, Erica learned brickstitch seed beading from artist Indy Genao. Since then, Erica has found joy in the process of this offscreen 'pixel arrangement'.


Current Work

For The Wild,  Art Director | 2016+
Graphic+Web DesignerFreelance | 2005+
Bookbinding Tutorials, Author  | 2015-18
LoomBound Journals, Owner/Artisan | 2016+
Tea Ceremony, Student in Service |  2007+
Soul Flour BakeryCo-Owner | 2007+
Sisters of the TideCo-Founder | 2016+
Orcas Food Co-op, Board Director | 2018+