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  • Spirit Weavers Gathering Navarro, CA (map)

Classes Offered by Erica

LOOMBOUND JOURNAL / Each of us has an inner voice– one that may be written in words or recorded through artwork. Together, we will each bind a leather journal to honor and safe keep our personal narratives. We will work from a prepared kit and learn the basics of bookbinding the old world way with hand tools and natural materials. We will begin class with a grounding Tea ceremony to open our hearts and create a nurturing space to voice our intention. We will explore how a journaling practice can be used for grounding and navigation during transformative experiences. Erica will guide you step-by-step through the process of hand stitching her original loom binding pattern, combining the beauty of a woven textile with the utility of a journal. You will depart the class with a journal in your hands and, in your heart, the empowered ability to make another.

TEA + CREATIVITY– Nurturing a Daily Practice / Together we will explore ways to weave tea into your creative practice. Just as tea ceremony begins with a kettle of still water, we will begin by stilling our body, mind and spirit. We will sit quietly in the forest and share Tea with one another, receiving & honoring the many silent gifts of the practice. As the energy of Tea awakens our bodies, we will gently flow into mindful movement– you will be guided through a unique meditative process of binding a simple leather journal to use in your daily practice. During the second portion of class, we will explore different varieties of tea, teaware and styles of preparation, as well as pathways for a daily practice. We will again prepare tea and engage in a creative exercise using mixed media to fill your new journal. There will be time to share your inspiration with the group. We will close the sacred space by honoring the spirit of Tea and the time we shared with one another. You will be given a take-home guide full of inspiration and resources to help water the seeds of your personal practice. This class will be co-lead with Melissa McConnellMORE INFO

LEATHER BOOKBINDING for Keiki / Erica will teach children to bind a simple, vegetable-tanned leather journal using traditional bookbinding methods: folding paper, punching with awl, threading needle, and simple stitching pattern. Each child will take home a beautiful journal for their artwork and writing.

TEA CEREMONY for Keiki / Children with be guided in a simple tea ceremony by infusing gentle, child-friendly herbs. Children will connect with their bodies, let their wiggles out, and move into a place of stillness. We will explore using our senses to connect with Nature and one another. We will arrange flowers, identify and smell herbs, observe boiling water, and safely pour tea. Children will serve each other bowls of tea and honor one another in this way. We will finish by taking the finished tea and flowers into the forest as an offering of gratitude for Nature.

Earlier Event: October 10
Later Event: September 20