As we prepare to welcome our baby into the family, we could use a little help from our friends and family. We've put together a wish list in hopes of gathering a small collection of items to support us during this transition. 

We've given away everything from Eden and Teo's infant and toddler days, so are starting from scratch. We're aiming for quality over quantity, and will pass forward all things to our community of families when we outgrow them. We will gratefully accept new or gently-used items. Here are some ideas...


Erica is hoping to include a couple massage sessions as part of her postpartum care. If you would like to contribute toward the cost of a session, you can donate via Paypal 'Friends & Family' (no extra fees collected) to


If you would like to contribute to our meal train:

  • Go to our MealTrain to sign-up with your email addy. You'll then be notified when the meal train begins. There will be options to sign-up for meals, play dates for Eden and Teo, or housecleaning. If you live far away or don't have time to provide a meal, we invite you to donate toward the cost of take-out meals or postpartum healing massage for Mama.


Having recently moved into a more spacious home, we are in need of a couple basic furniture and homewarming items. We are saving up to purchase the following:

  • Easy-to-care-for or low-light Houseplants
  • Flower bouquets to welcome Baby & Mama home
  • Natural beeswax or coconut Candles (pillars, tea lights, tapers)